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Manage the Companies in 2018: what the style in order to be successful?

By 28 Maggio 2018Articoli

Nowadays what we Recognize as one of the most difficult step to do inside the companies is: Change the Culture.

But before talking about change the culture we need understand which culture are present inside the companies right now, and what we obtain with that specific culture:

One Man Show Culture

The most common culture approach is what we call “one man Show approach”: this approach is generally present in micro, small and medium size companies ( up to 200 ml euro turnover), where the owner is the man that “control”everything and he pretend to check everything before the final delivery.

This Culture is very common, and every time I’m in a company where this is the culture generally I make a few question about, in order to understand why:

  • Is it true that the principal like to have this situation in his/her company?
  • Why the principal do not trust in the persons of the company?
  • The persons in the company has never show to the principal that they are able to manage all situation (up the level of responsibility)?

This is not an excuse for that type persons, but it’s something that we need to understand in order to have a clear picture of the company.

Now we need to looking for the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE effect of this Culture:


  • The speed of the decision are generally fast (untile the principal is not overload)
  • At least one person decide what good or not, and the principal is the Responsable of the results


  • Without the principal everything is blocked, and based on that all the people has the perfect excuses to say “I’m not the Responsable of…”

The Culture of Working in Team

The dream for many companies is to have a Strong Team, that work together, define targets, prepare and develop active plan, prepare monthly a report about what the team have done, describe it like this sound as a dream; I personally that what I’ve describe I possibile, but inside the team should be present a Leader, someone able to define the target and give the vision to the Team.

In This particular moment, the figure of the leader is really rare, and on the other side the people are searching for type of person, but this is another matter that we’ll discuss further.


  • People are focus to support each other in order to achieve the target
  • Elevate level of respect
  • Good environment for work in


  • no quick decision
  • In some cases, you feel to be and false environment, where everybody, in order to avoid problems, they say to be agree

Money Culture

Inside this culture, any opportunity to make money in terms of major profit or improve the Saving is well accepted, what is important is to produce more profit.

In this culture the level of respect is very low, because only who are able to produce more money is well accepted, and in this situation you can find a great difference between the “champions” – this is how they call this persons – and the other

This culture of course produce results, but the vision is based on short and medium terms, because most of the time, the way to produce profit faster is not always clear and respectful for the others, and then after all, around this companies who can see the “desert”


  • High profit


  • Short terms vision
  • No Team
  • No Respect

The Family Culture

This is the most common in micro and small Business companies, it’s different from the “one man show” because in this culture, every person, directly connected to the family and more over spend more time inside the company then at home is well recognized as a great person, it doesn’t matter if the level of management culture is low or the knowledge of this figure is low, the part very important is how many hours they are in the company.


  • personal, close face-to-face relationship
  • home-like work atmosphere
  • long-term relationships of employee to company; high loyalty
  • values, norms, atmosphere set by father” or “elder brother”


  • hierarchal (“father knows best”)
  • power-oriented (leader is fatherly figure)


This culture is oriented cultures are structured and controlled, with a focus on efficiency, stability and “doing things right.”

Not easy to be sustained because you need to have a Group of people with high level of commitment, high level of knowledge, continuous training applied, on the other side you have a competitive environment


  • High result
  • Level of Knowledge


  • Competitivness
  • No Team
  • Low level of respect

Based on what we have indicated above, I would like to give some indication based on our different experience, in different type of industries, different size of companies, I’m glad to give you some ideas on how to improve the culture:

  • Be honest
  • Share information and data, including the net revenue and how you manage it
  • Accept the people as they are
  • Be Positive
  • Be creative and ask to your people to do the same
  • Say Thank you every time is necessary
  • Be supportive
  • Be a Coach and a motivator with your people
  • Do not accept Excuses
  • Don’t focus on find the guilty, focus on why and how avoiding
  • Not accept people that not delivery 100% of Effort
  • Use your Heart
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  • Ask why, why, why, why, why before accept the answer
  • Be discipline
  • Fix Rules, you Must be the first that respect it, and pretend to the people to do the same – be tough and do not accept different situation
  • Introduce supplier-customer engagement
  • Engage you team
  • Motivate each other

Probably you think that, what is indicated above is as often the same things that read and heard many and many times, what I can tell you that i personally apply this concept everyday, and my life and my business are day by day better then before, and more I’ll disciplined and positive, better the is it.

Here the photos of Production Manager Meetings 2018

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