Value, Excellence, Collaboration.
Strength in numbers.

The networking
worldwide company

WTCO Holding was born from the desire to create a company network able to offer services for every industrial sector. Thanks to a team of professionals specialized in different sectors, it is possible to promptly manage every project or problem in an effective and efficient way.

To creating value, we do not need words, but actions, passion, people. Thanks to the network we can create positive and productive connection that lead to the realization of projects that create value and excellence in the companies we work for.

Your goals
our mission

WTCO Team dedicates itself every day to the continuous improvement of the company performances and to the achievement of the established objectives. First objective is to create corporate well-being at all levels.

WTCO team works every day, with passion and with the most important key factor: people; together is possible to create a climate of trust among customers and teamwork.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.
- Colin Powell


Our philosophy:

Thanks to a team of professionals specialized in different sectors we are able to react to market and company’s needs.

The strength of the network lies in the possibility of relying on various teams belonging to the same network: collaboration, not competition.

Why together

• Individually you cannot realize growth as fast we would like to
• Union = strength. Collaboration, not competition
• Need to focus on a single core business and on related training and tools
• No value=no profit
• Network’s aim is to create value
• Industrial system applied to the consultancy business (nowadays none has done it in an organized system)