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Project management is an essential component of any business development initiative, the key to success in a global economic environment where companies are constantly seeking an advantage over their competitors.

A key figure in project management is the project manager.

What does his job involve?
He oversees all aspects of a project, ensuring that it meets agreed objectives and constraints of quality, time, budget, and resources.

"Leaders are people who have a phenomenal ability to design and redesign creative, collaborative relationships within their teams"

Sergio Marchionne

The project manager is the 'translator' of the project, who guides the team involved through the application of a specific working methodology throughout the project life cycle.

To wit:


Manage, plan, coordinate and monitor the progress of the project;


Coordinating the work of a plurality of resources in the various phases to proceed on time and within budget.


Leading the network of relationships within the team and with the client.


Meet deadlines and budgets while maintaining the highest possible quality.


Completing the project, achieving the set objectives, and acting as a point of contact between the organization funding the project and the parties involved in its implementation.

For this, WTCO has professional figures for:

Large companies

Multinational example where it is always challenging to manage the countless projects in place through staff directly involved in day-to-day activities.

Complex projects such as:

- Company layouts and tasking

- Installation of new machinery

- New building constructions or relocation of company premises

Corporate re-launches through

Corporate reorganization

WTCO offers the following services:

Interdisciplinary expertise

  • Sales
  • Operation
  • Innovation
  • Engineering
  • HR
  • Administration & Finance
  • Logistics

Social skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Management of control processes
  • Leadership and Team Working
  • Communication skills


  • 100% coverage of the role required and for as long as needed

How does WTCOwork? Through:

First-person direct intervention

Taking over the management role (total or partial depending on requirements)

Totale o parziale a seconda delle esigenze

WTCO guarantees timely and responsive project managers.

Our staff is highly qualified and immediately available.

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