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Human Resources & Management

"The best way to be productive, it's a great team"


Our goal is to train every person in every team.

To achieve the SMART objectives (specific, motivating, achievable, relevant, traceable) we begin by the heart of companies: people, which represent the fundamental resource for us to build value and well-being.

Managing human capital effectively and efficiently means positively influence the performance of the entire organization, both in terms of stability and productivity.


  • Channel Partner Blanchard – SLII®
  • PDA (Personal Development Analysis) partner
  • Motivation
  • Employment consultancy
  • Outsourcing Human Resources
  • Emergenetics partner
  • Coaching
  • Corporate welfare
  • Training
  • Counseling

WTCO is a Channel Partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a leading company in management training.

Thanks to this virtuous collaboration, we can deliver the Blanchard training courses to our customers and provide certified support material.


The most used leadership model in the world, which we at WTCO apply internally and in customer companies, to develop the skills of the work teams

We use ad hoc tools to analyze the level of motivation and competence of people concerning a smart lens, and we create a path of growth and enhancement of hard and soft skills, alongside and constantly supporting human resources.

The Ken Blanchard Companies
Leadership and Management Training

The PDA is a tool to describe and analyze the behavioral profile of people, helping companies to learn more about their human resources.

In the phase of personnel selection, it allows evaluating the compatibility of the skills and attitudes of a candidate, compared to the requirements necessary to hold a specific job.

The behavioral areas that are analyzed with the PDA are:

  • Leadership style
  • Decision-making
  • Persuasion
  • Analysis capacity
  • Trade
  • Current motivation level
  • Main skills and strenghts
  • Areas to be developed

Among the distinctive features of this tool, we find:

  • Scientifically validated, with over 90% reliability
  • The easy and quick compilation (10-20 minutes)
  • Online administration and immediate results
  • Intuitive and user-friendly

The PDA is a tool aimed at:

1. Companies

To select, identify and develop talents. Currently, most leading companies in the “best place of work” rankings use the PDA assessment.

2. Human Resources Consultants

Fundamental to incorporate a new product into the portfolio, add value to services, and create consulting projects supported by the PDA assessment

3. People

To get to know strengths and areas of improvement. The PDA shows that it is an effective aid even to identify a more rewarding work position, or to improve the current one, establishing productive relationships with colleagues, collaborators, and superiors.

The WTCO professionals team achieved the PDA certified analyst qualification, and we are therefore able to use this effective tool to support the recruiting phase.

PDA (Personal Development Analysis)
Behavioral Assessment Tool

We offer complete assistance and training about:

  • Human resource administration
  • Working consultancy
  • Pension
  • Trade union reports
  • We are aware of the crucial role acquired in recent years by second-level bargaining

For companies, remain competitive in the markets now always depends on greater measurement from the rules of the organization, management, and remuneration of work.

We help companies in staff training activities and, thanks to the many years of consultancy to support companies, we have acquired in-depth skills in the management of corporate crises, carrying out various interventions by:

  • CIGO (ordinary earnings supplementation case)
  • CIGS (extraordinary integration case)
  • CDS
  • Mobility or management agreements of corporate crisis

We collaborate with the ministry, the prefectures, regions, and other stakeholders, in the development and implementation of work consulting projects.

Specifically, our team of professionals will assist you in the following areas:

Employment consulting

  • Contractual
  • Convenience management
  • Business framing at Institutes
  • Assistance in inspection tests
  • Assistance in social security and insurance litigation
  • INAIL classification analysis and rate reduction instances
  • Surrogate actions and regress in case of an accident/li>
  • Technical consultations of part in judicial actions

Trade union relations and business crisis management

  • Second level bargaining assistance (business contracts and interactions).
  • Assistance Ordinary Reports with OO.SS.
  • Corporate crisis: mobility procedures, collective dismissals, layoffs, solidarity contracts, craftsmanship suspensions, multiple individual dismissals, bilateral institutional providences.

Complaint procedures

  • Commissarial soldiers and curators in the insolvency procedures for trade union relations and all administrative practices of intervention of CIGS and the definition of mobility procedures.
  • Control and verification of passive state in the field of work.
  • Assistance for insinuations to employees.

Working Reference Assistance

  • Support extrajudicial disputes.
  • Assistance in attempts at conciliation forward conciliation and arbitration commissions.

Telematic services assistance

  • Telematic transmission of revenue agency.
  • Telematic transmission of social security and insurance institutions.
  • Telematic transmission supplementary funds.


  • Logouts in labour law issues at university courses, high schools, training institutions, and constraints.
  • Organization of training courses in the field of work.
  • Work convention organization in the field of work.

The Welfare represents one of our solutions which is having more success in the field of business management, thanks both to the growth in corporate wellness and to the tax and contribution advantages that can result.

We accompany our customers through a path that starts from the drafting of agreements, second level contracts or Company Regulations that provide for Welfare policies, up to the support to individual workers.

We offer assistance on the tax and social security benefits of corporate welfare, interpreting the relevant legislation and the Revenue Agency’s appeals, and assisting employees in making use of the services available on the dedicated platform.

We support businesses in the implementation of complex contracts and regulations:

  • Company contracts of a regulatory nature
  • Company contracts of a rewarding nature
  • Company organizational regulations
  • Company disciplinary regulations
  • Company and individual bonus systems

We develop corporate welfare systems that are in line with recent legislative changes in this area:

  • Preparation of questionnaires for the analysis of company welfare needs.
  • Administration of the questionnaires with explicative meetings.
  • Collection of workers’ requests and activation of conventions on the territory for the satisfaction of the emerged needs.
  • Activity of formation to the workers for the use of the platform of welfare.
  • Assistance to the workers for the fruition of their welfare credit

In addition, WTCO specializes in the creation of territorial inter-company welfare systems.

We support companies in a structured and continuative way, offering Human Resources management and recruitment services, to guarantee in-depth knowledge and cost reduction.

We offer assistance to businesses in the following activities:

Creating value through human capital

we value the human resources knowledge to promote increase in productivity and corporate wellness.

Budget control

We evaluate the inclusion of new resources in the team, in terms of the role to be filled and the costs to be incurred, with the aim of optimizing the company costs related to this activity.

Conflict resolution

The conflict in the workplace is inevitable, given the differences in personalities, work styles, backgrounds and experience levels among employees.

If managed optimally, however, it can generate creativity as it highlights the different and specific skills of team members.

We support businesses in the constructive resolution of conflict, with the goal of promoting productive and rewarding relationships between colleagues and superiors

Alignment and development

We analyze the current level of skills within the company and plan a cost-effective path to human resource development and growth. This strategy is also effective to reduce turnover and increase employees’ sense of belonging to the organization.

Team satisfaction

The WTCO team specializes in monitoring the people well-being in the company, using effective tools such as surveys, focus group and carefully structured interviews. The goal is to develop projects for the continuous improvement skills and team satisfaction, starting from collected data.

Cost reduction for the human resources management

One of the main advantages of managing and selecting personnel in outsourcing, is that it makes these processes simpler and more flexible, allowing to drastically reduce direct and indirect company costs related to this area.

Improving people’s performance

We develop management systems that allow us to measure the performance of human resources, identifying the activities in which each resource can perform at its best, and assigning different tasks based on the skills of each team member.

Business retention

Through the continuous improvement of skills, we promote the development of leadership within organizations, with the aim of training human resources able to effectively cover the roles of greater responsibility in companies, helping to give stability and continuity to companies.

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