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Financial and Organisational Restructuring

Corporate restructuring from a fiscal, financial and organisational management perspective is a complex process that requires detailed analysis and a strategic approach.

Here are the key points that could help in this direction:

Financial Diagnostics

First of all, it is essential to perform a detailed analysis of the current financial situation. This includes balance sheets, cash flows, payables, receivables and other financial KPIs.

Capital Restructuring

Review the capital structure to make it more sustainable. This may include converting debt into equity, issuing new shares or selling non-core assets.

Organisational Diagnostics

Analyse the company's organisational structure: Organisation chart, flows, production system, plants, IT structure...

Tax Audit

Checks that all tax obligations have been met and considers the possibility of optimising the tax burden, e.g., by taking advantage of tax incentives or concessions.

Debt Renegotiation

Contact creditors to discuss more favourable payment terms. Renegotiation can help free up short-term cash flows.

Cost Analysis and Optimisation

Identify areas where costs can be reduced without compromising product or service quality. This may include reducing overheads or restructuring personnel.

Budget Monitoring

Set up an effective system for budget and cash flow monitoring. Use accounting tools and financial management software to maintain tight control.

Revenue enhancement

Develop ongoing management of day-to-day activities in order to create a system that generates positive value every day and revenue sources or ways to increase sales, such as expanding into new markets or adding new distribution channels.

Strategic Planning

Develop a long-term plan that reflects the company's financial goals and strategy. Make sure the plan is flexible so that it can adapt to changes in the market or economic conditions.

Industrial Plan

Draft a 3/5-year business plan with targets and monthly budget.

Assignment and management of company tasks

Create and take charge of the new GOVERNANCE.

Management Control

Introduce an internal control system to monitor company performance, which can help to quickly identify any deviations from plans and take corrective measures.

Communication and Transparency

Maintain open communications with all stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, investors and financial institutions. Effective communication can help build trust and facilitate the recovery process.


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