16 April 2019

7 Steps to improve employee engagement

We’ve spoken extensively around the topic of strategy, and often you’ll hear us write of the importance of your people in actually executing that strategy. It’s all well and good for to have a solid strategic plan, but if your people aren’t bought in and engaged, you’re strategy is going to stay as just words […]
2 April 2019

What makes some people more productive than others

Would you rate yourself as highly productive? We want to share the results of the HBR survey to reflect on the concept of productivity and on the factors that can make the difference regarding the management of time and resources in achieving the objectives. We’ve learned a lot about personal productivity and what makes some […]
19 March 2019

How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure

A story - from the HBR magazine - to reflect on the importance of making mistakes, trying, moving forward and learning from experience, regardless of the desired result. A client (who I’ll call “Alex”) asked me to help him prepare to interview for a CEO role with a start-up. It was the first time he […]
14 March 2019

4th annual smart manufacturing summit

We are happy to announce our participation to the 4th Annual Smart Manufacturing Summit that will take place on 21-22 March 2019 in Barcelona, organized by Luxatia International.WTCO Holding is one of the media partners of the event and and has the honor of attending the conference with Giuseppe Ravazzolo, WTCO CEO and chairman of the event. WTCO […]
26 February 2019

How to Help Your Employees Learn from Each Other

From: Harvard Business Review Peer-to-peer learning When your team wants to learn a new skill, where do they turn first? Google? YouTube? Their corporate training programs? No. According to a study conducted by the company Degreed, more workers first turn to their peers (55%)—second only to asking their bosses. Peer-to-peer learning can be a powerful […]
21 February 2019

The Next Era of Globalization Will Be Shaped by Customers, Technology, and Value Chains

[Harvard Business Review]If you ask the average CEO what’s making them lose sleep these days, it’s a good bet that the answer will be tariffs and trade wars. One-third of respondents in a recent McKinsey survey of global executives said that uncertainty over trade policy is their greatest concern—and three-quarters of all companies say their […]
14 February 2019

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Things You Don’t Want to Do

No matter how generally motivated you are, all of us have some tasks that we don’t want to do. Maybe we find them boring, pointless, draining, time consuming, annoying, or anxiety producing. So how do you get moving in these types of situations? The first step is to recognize that getting motivated doesn’t mean that […]
21 November 2018

10 things that require zero talent

How often do we equate success with talent? All the time. But the reality is, success isn’t created by talent alone. Just like we might see immense talent squandered, we also see underdogs unexpectedly overachieve. Here are 10 behaviors that we can always control that require zero talent yet have a huge impact on our […]
15 November 2018

Why Bcc’ing the Boss is a bad practice

Business Harvard Review Email continues to be one of the most common ways people communicate at work — and one of the most common ways people miscommunicate at work. The Cc and Bcc functions can corrode trust and cloud intentions. To explore how senders and recipients interpret the use of these tools, we conducted a […]